Give small but strategic tasks the focus they need using Keylime's Micro-Consulting solution.

Here’s how Keylime helps you fill micro-consultancies quickly and efficiently.

Match skills with needs

Find consultants who are proficient in the task you need and can guarantee quality on the first try. On Keylime you’ll find dozens of options for CV writers, outline writers, red team reviewers, BIP/MP writers, reference checkers, and plenty of other solutions for small but critical tasks. 

No more all-nighters

The days of pulling all-nighters to complete proposal requirements are over. When you try to do it all yourself context shifting and lack of focus can compromise quality. Instead, hire a qualified consultant in minutes, for even the smallest jobs, and they can begin working immediately with focus. 

Find a specialist & hire quickly

Consultant’s rates and references are already included in their profile so you don’t have to spend any time gathering that information. Keylime handles their contract, payment, 1099, and timekeeping. Once a candidate accepts your offer they can begin working the same day, it’s that simple.

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