Deliver on your work plan with specialized Consultants.

Here's how Keylime helps you better manage your projects & and deliver on donor promises. 

Start up strong

Identify candidates as soon as you get an award and your project startup can be everything you (and your client) was hoping for: critical resources in place and quality deliverables submitted on time.

Select the best specialist

Use reviews and deep profile details to compare candidates and select the best one for your assignment. 

Rapid onboarding

Consultant’s rates and references are already included in their profile so you don’t have to spend any time gathering that information. Keylime handles their contract, payment, 1099, and timekeeping. Once a candidate accepts your offer they can begin working the same day, it’s that simple.

Become a part of the industry-trusted marketplace that's used by top Organizations for hiring smarter, while also using less time & resources.