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“Consulting has its perks, but it can be challenging when you are just starting out and trying to establish yourself in a competitive market. With Keylime, they've made being a consultant possible, working on high quality projects easy, and have given me the process and tools I need to make consulting my new career.” 

-Emma Smith, Devex


“Our organization needed top expertise to help us with a critical and unbiased assessment of our proposal. We hired a consultant through Keylime in minutes, they provided timely and insightful suggestions on strengthening our bid, assisted in rewriting key sections, and gave unvarnished and candid feedback that we found refreshing and useful. Their help significantly strengthened the quality of our bid and I would recommend Keylime without hesitation to any company interested in hiring the top expertise to produce the best proposals.”

-Senior BD Director, Company hiring on Keylime 

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