We're making International Business Development more fruitful
We've helped more than 60 organizations on ~400 proposals win more than $1.5 billion USD in funding. 

Our Story

We started Keylime Consulting with the goal of making International Business Development more fruitful by offering the best consultants for USAID proposals to our clients. 

We quickly learned that our clients are more successful when they have more information. Whether it is the ability to see profiles of multiple technical writers, have immediate data on availability, compare rates of different consultants, read reviews from similar assignments, or filter and search by technical area, our clients make better decisions and have more successful consultancies when they have information at their fingertips. So we built the Keylime Marketplace to give our clients full and transparent access to all the information we have. Now we see our clients get to work faster, make informed decisions, and use their resources more effectively. 

We are on a quest to open up access to information for the entire international development community and we invite you to join us in that effort. 

Our Team

Susanne Barsoum leads the Client Success Team and is the Founder and CEO of Keylime. Before Keylime, Susanne was the director of Business Development for the Middle East at Chemonics International leading dozens of successful proposals from 2005-2018. She has written scores of winning technical proposals to secure more than a billion dollars of USAID, DFID, and Department of State funds. In 2018 she launched Keylime Consulting, which has been helping international development organizations of all sizes and specialties with their proposals and is the concierge arm of the marketplace. 

The Consultant Success Team is led by Sarah Steller. Sarah is a business development expert who also began her career at Chemonics on project management and new business teams. Later she researched local economic development and entrepreneurship for think tanks and academia. In addition to working on dozens of winning proposals, she has supported clients with their long term strategies and BD system development. She focuses on optimizing the consultant experience and lining up the ideal talent for clients.

The Keylime platform and technology team are run by Mike Williams, who is an experienced tech entrepreneur that's started and scaled multiple tech startups, some of which have been venture backed and others that have been bootstrapped to profitable startups. Mike brings product, technology, and the world of Silicon Valley and it's startup ecosystem to the Keylime team and our marketplace.  

The Keylime team is also backed up by hundreds of industry-experienced and vetted Keylime consultants who work remotely around the world.

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